Raising Mom

30-minute, single camera comedy


Fifty-five year-old Kelly followed the rules her whole life. She loved being a homemaker, devoted mother and doting wife to a dairy farmer in Fresno, California—until her husband got thrown in jail. Now that everything Kelly believed in turned out to be a lie, she believes she’ll have a drink…and try some weed…and maybe even have a meaningless roll in the hay!  Her 26-year old son’s condo seems like the perfect place to do it. 

Our story follows a pot-smoking, hot-for-sex mom, looking to reclaim her lost youth when she moves into the well-ordered condo of her routine-loving, Silicon Valley son. She’s finally coming of age. And he’s coming unglued. This half-hour comedy proves: raising a single mom is hard work!

For more information or to read the pilot, contact Katy Dore. 

© 2019 by  Katy Dore

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