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Can We Save Our Oceans?

Katy Dore once turned down an invitation to have lunch with Queen Elizabeth in favor of going camping with her “fellow peasants.” She's never regretted it.


Favoring the stories of the people history books fail to mention, Katy is an award winning fiction writer, screenwriter and actor. After completing her undergraduate studies at Stanford University, she earned an MFA at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.


Growing up in a small logging town in Northern California, Katy spent her summers listening to stories around the campfire. When Katy isn’t writing you can find her playing tennis, hiking, or fly-fishing.

Back to the Wild
The Unsung

Historic Drama TV Series


Inspired by true events, this is the riveting story of entrepreneur, activist and all around bad-ass Mary Ellen Pleasant. (Production attachments: Quincy Jones Productions, Queen Latifah's Flavor Unit, Goldmann Pictures)

Piper horiz poster.jpg
Governing Polution

After joining a traveling orchestra to peddle cleaning products, a young musician spurns the conservative ways of post-war America when she falls in love with another woman, only to face backlash wherever she turns.

Lost Pages

Children's TV Historic Adventure Series

Bookwith title.jpg
Cry Us a River

With the guidance of their quirky librarian, a group of kids must travel back in time to recover the stories of some of the most fascinating historic figures you’ve never heard of before the evil Professor Magpie hoards all the stories for himself.

The kids discover a new historic character each episode and rush to record it in the book, The Lost Pages, before the tale is captured and doomed to eternal obscurity by the evil story hoarder Dr. Magpie. 


Horror/Dark Drama Feature

Climate Change, Reversed

Horror/Dark Drama

A wealthy friend’s private lake sanctuary becomes a terrifying trap when estranged college housemates reunite to finally put past hurts behind them.

Ensemble cast of six, to be filmed in a contained location.


Historic Drama TV Series

Co-created with

Jack Kohler

quinella copy.jpg

In the early days of California, white men fought for gold, power and land. Indians fought for their lives. Based on actual events and people, this is the brutal story of our country’s fortune and shame during California’s painful beginnings.


TMB poster horiz.jpg
That's My Baby

Light Drama Feature

A light-hearted drama. 

When a broke artist with no tolerance for children agrees to be a surrogate mother for her perfect sister, she struggles to relinquish the child she’s carrying after falling madly in love with the baby.

Katy recently co-directed 

feature film 

Gift of Fear.

Catch it at a film festival in 2023.

Distribution packages are welcome.


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LROdd Bird Horizontal poster.jpg

A short film (click title above to view)

An Official Selection at over
62 film festivals.

As a boy, Clark always felt like the odd bird in his conservative ranch family. To cope, he created a comic book, “The Adventures of Odd Bird,” making himself the hero of his own story. Now 19, a publisher is interested in his work and Clark needs to return home to get the comic manuscript…and tell his mom his truth. Clark fears once he tells her he’s gay, he won’t be welcome there again.

The film has received numerous awards at festivals for: Best Director, Best Writing, People's Choice, Best LGBTQ+ Short, and numerous awards for our actors.

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